Vegetarian Stroganoff

Just because veggies don’t eat beef, does not mean we cannot sample this lovely creamy dish! Try it with Fry’s Vegetarian Strips (prepared according to the packaging) – it’s worth a try!

Serves 2

30ml margarine
15ml chopped garlic
5-10ml dried chilli
1 green pepper (or ½ green/red/yellow, I used a mix of what I had left in the fridge)
250g white button mushrooms
1 spring onion
Handful fresh basil leaves
200ml cream
Lots of black pepper

Optional: Fry’s Vegetarian Strips (according to taste, prepared as indicated on packaging)

Melt the margarine and lightly fry garlic, chilli and green pepper for a few minutes until pepper is soft.
Add sliced spring onion and halved mushrooms and fry until soft.
Add black pepper according to taste, lower heat and stir cream through.
Serve on rice or noodles with more black pepper, fresh basil leaves and Fry’s Vegetarian strips (optional).


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